He Was Grandma’s Last Disappointment

Male coworker: So, did you hear about what Shannon* did for her grandmother’s birthday?
Female coworker: Yeah!
Male coworker: How she got her a stripper?
Female coworker: Yeah, haha. I know!
Male coworker: Pretty funny… She was, like, 90… Did you hear that she died like a week later?
Female coworker: Yeah…
Male coworker: Yeah. It kinda sucks.

Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, California

Overheard by: Audiogirl Hates Elevators

This Dramatization of the Importance of Negative Numbers is the Grittiest Schoolhouse Rock Yet

CSR: Customer Service, this is Sheri*. May I have your account number please?
Customer: Why is my account negative?!
CSR: Well, if you give me your account number, I can look it up and go over your transactions with you.

Customer gives information, CSR verifies, and the conversation continues.

CSR: Well, ma’am, looks like your opening deposit on Tuesday was 25 dollars… And then you withdrew 40 dollars from the ATM on Friday.
Customer: And…?
CSR: Well, 25 dollars minus 40 dollars is negative 15 dollars.
Customer: I don’t understand what you are trying to tell me.

Minneapolis, Minnesota