Asking God to Smite Your Enemies Is So Old Testament, Though

Programmer: I’m just saying that if, by some miracle Pat Robertson, Fred Phelps and Jerry Falwell had all died in a meteor attack…
Boss: I would convert. Right there. I’d become an instant christian.
Programmer: I would keep the sabbath holy.
Boss: I would keep the sabbath *fucking* holy. Hell, if god can manage to paralyze Paris Hilton from the waist down…
Programmer: I would start to tithe.
Boss: I would start to *fucking* tithe.

Clearview Avenue
Mesa, Arizona

Overheard by: Chris Cardinal

I’m Too Old to Change, Baby

Old lady: Where is your nigger food?
Stocker: Uh, excuse me?
Old lady: You know, the nigger food. The black bird food.
Stocker: You mean the Niger seed?
Old lady: That’s what I said, the nigger seed.

3803 Venture Drive
Duluth, Georgia

Overheard by: I recommend the chink pellets