2PM Customer Care

Passenger: Is this flight going to be full?
CSR #1: Yes, we expect a full flight today, sir.
Passenger: Why is that?
CSR #1: Um… well, I guess a lot of people made reservations, sir.
Passenger: Uh…No, I mean, it’s Tuesday. People don’t fly on Tuesdays.
CSR # 2, whispering to coworker: Wow! A talking dog! Avenida Tael S/N, MEX (Mexico City International Airport) Overheard by: Trece

And I Am Now Spitting In Them

Drive-through customer: Yeah, I'd like a number 7, and I want those fries hot and fresh.
Cashier: Okay, number 7. What did you want to drink?
Drive-through customer: Didn't you hear me? I said I wanted hot and fresh fries!
Cashier: Sure, I heard you.
Drive-through customer: Well aren't you going to do anything about it?
Cashier: Oh, don't worry. I pushed the “hot and fresh” button.
Drive-through customer: Oh… okay.

Grants Pass, Oregon

Overheard by: Laughing Hysterically

May I Suggest Decaf, Sir?

Suit: Why do we have Swiss Miss and Nesquik?
Warehouse guy: Ummm, they’re not the same thing.
Suit: How so? They both make hot chocolate!
Warehouse guy: Well, maybe cause Swiss Miss goes in milk and water?
Suit: So why don’t we just keep this around? It’s a multi-tasking hot chocolate!
Warehouse guy: Huh? Ummm, well, maybe people like the way Nesquik ‘multi-tasks.’ It can be put in cold or hot milk. Good for the summer.
Suit: And this can’t?
Warehouse guy: Dunno. Don’t think so…
Suit: Forget it! I’ll have coffee!

The Boulevard
Norfolk, Virginia

Overheard by: CoffeeJunky