5PM Time for Happy Hour

Co-worker #1: Not only am I supposed to be meeting this hot guy at the bar tonight, but we’re celebrating [Darren] passing his bar exam! It’s going to be wild.
Co-worker #2: Well, if you’re smiling tomorrow morning we’ll know how it all went.
Co-worker #1: Hell, if the night goes as expected, I won’t even be walking straight tomorrow morning. 1218 Webster Avenue
Houston, Texas Overheard by: Office Slave

These Guys Apologize to All Their Colleagues Every Day

Retirement aged worker #1: Hi, little buddy.
Retirement aged worker #2: I'm not your little buddy!
Retirement aged worker #1: I know you're not! You're an old goat!
Retirement aged worker #2, thrusting pelvis towards #1: If I'm a goat, then suck it and get some milk! Naval Base
Point Mugu, California Overheard by: bubbles

Remember When We Accidentally Took Out the Wrong Colon? Oh, We Laughed!

[In the ER.]
Nurse #1: Oh my god.
Nurse #2: What?
Nurse #1, looking horrified: I just entered all of these notes on the wrong patient’s file.
Nurse #2: It’s okay. Just go back, delete, and re-enter them for the right patient.
Nurse #1, distressed at herself: But that’s awful! What would have happened?
Nurse #2, shrugging: ‘s’okay, happens all the time. Hospital
Beckley, West Virginia

2PM Client Meeting

Manager #1: Do you think Christmas carols are appropriate for when the
prospective client comes in at 2?
Manager #2: What’s wrong with Christmas carols?
Manager #1: I just feel like it doesn’t represent us.
Manager #2: You’re asking the wrong person, because I love christmas carols.
Underling: Well, [the CEO] is the one who put this playlist on.
Manager #1 & #2: Oh, okay. 552 Broadway
New York, NY