Also, I Hung up That One Corpse

Secretary : The guys who clean my yard never take any off my plants, because I threaten them, I say ‘If you touch anything, I’ll kill you!’ And they never touch anything since then. Because they’re Haitians, and you know, Haitians scare easy. 1252 Memorial Drive
Coral Gables, Florida

Or Are Sunglasses Allowed Now?

Coworker #1: So, I had this dream last night. I was looking at the ceiling, and a rat wearing sunglasses peeked out at me from the air conditioning vent.
Coworker #2, catching the end of the conversation: Was this a dream? Melbourne, Florida Overheard by: Despite all my rage…

12PM Server Upgrades

Server support: The server is still taking errors?
Network support: Okay?
Server support: Did you run the new cable we asked for?
Network Support: Yes.
Server support: Are you sure you ran it to the correct server?
Network support: Yes.
Server support: Did you test the cable?
Network support: Yes.
Server support: How did you test it?
Network support: I farted on one end and I could smell it on the other. 1600 Dublin Road
Columbus, Ohio

If I'm Off by Even One Millimeter, We Might Experience Complete Proton Reversal

Boss: Tara, there is a big stack of Christmas cards on your chair. Please put stamps on each one and make sure they are exactly a quarter inch from both the side and the top of the envelope.
Tara, to coworker: Can you bring a ruler over here? I need to put stamps on the Christmas cards. Old Town
San Diego, California Overheard by: Glad I'm not the new girl