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Wake Us Up When This Conversation Is Over.

Cube rat #1: So tell me, Bob, you're a college basketball official. Which school in the Big 12 has the worst behaved students.?
Cube rat #2: Well, you would be surprised. It's Baylor.
Cube rat #1: Baylor is a Baptist college… You would think they would be better behaved. Cube rat #2: Well, they are just frustrated because they don't get any… (long pause) championships. Greenville, Texas Overheard by: Mike

5PM Time for Happy Hour

Co-worker #1: Not only am I supposed to be meeting this hot guy at the bar tonight, but we’re celebrating [Darren] passing his bar exam! It’s going to be wild.
Co-worker #2: Well, if you’re smiling tomorrow morning we’ll know how it all went.
Co-worker #1: Hell, if the night goes as expected, I won’t even be walking straight tomorrow morning. 1218 Webster Avenue
Houston, Texas Overheard by: Office Slave

Damn Those Ninja Shoes

Sales assistant #1: Man, I hate Glen* — becomes a manager and gets all crazy.
Sales assistant #2: What’s he makin’ you do?
Sales assistant #1: Sweep the whole service alley! Man, sometimes I just wanna hit that guy. I’ve been here two years, and he makes me, the head sales assistant, do the crap work.
Sales assistant #2: [Stares.]
Sales assistant #1: He’s right behind me, isn’t he?
Sales assistant #2: Yup. 3709 East Central Texas Expressway
Killeen, Texas

Or Just Give You Noogies Until You Answer

Executive, referring to salesperson: What purpose does it serve to have her review these files?
Production manager: What purpose does it serve to have her work here?
Executive: Let me ask again. What's the point of giving her these files?
Production manager: I'll answer your question if you answer mine. Houston, Texas Overheard by: Art Dictator