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How to Tell If Your Co-Worker Is Actually a Robot

Male exec: I won’t be able to be at the pitch. My grandfather died.
Female exec: Oh my God, I’m so sorry.
Male exec: It’s okay, I still have my other grandfather.
Female exec: That’s why you have two children, right? If one of them dies, you’ve still got the other one, so it’s not so sad. Dreamworks, 100 Universal Plaza
Universal City, California Overheard by: Shrek

Or Just Give You Noogies Until You Answer

Executive, referring to salesperson: What purpose does it serve to have her review these files?
Production manager: What purpose does it serve to have her work here?
Executive: Let me ask again. What's the point of giving her these files?
Production manager: I'll answer your question if you answer mine. Houston, Texas Overheard by: Art Dictator