1PM Lunch

Intern: So yeah, the first twenty minutes I was just sitting next to him in the breakroom I didn’t say a single word.
Engineer: Does he freak you out that much?
Intern: Well no, I just thought he didn’t speak any English.
Engineer: So you finally said something?
Intern: Yeah, I tried to make some small talk by asking what cubicle he sits in. But he spent the next 5-10 minutes trying to explain.
Engineer: He’s not that bad at English…
Intern: I don’t know. He kept asking what direction was North. By the time I made him point to it, I wished I never said anything. Seriously, what do cardinal directions have to do with your cubicle? 41131 Vincenti Court
Novi, Michigan

9AM Another Day with Him

Co-worker: Can I move your long lovely legs and get some out of your drawers? Co-worker: Do you ever have one of those days where you’re desperate to have something in your mouth? Co-worker: I like sucking the mint out of the chocolate of Junior Mints…Don’t hate the skills! 750 First Street NE
Washington, DC

4PM Doctor’s Appointment

Guy #1: I can’t believe he did that in public; did you see the way he was looking at her?
Guy #2: Yeah, and it wasn’t the first time either.
Guy #1: She can’t be any older than 15.
Guy #2: It’s sick, but you know what really creeps me out? He’s always wearing wrinkly shirts. You’d think the man has never heard of an iron…
Guy #1: You can do anything you want with that MD after your name, I guess.
Guy #2: Word. 275 Madison Avenue
New York, NY Overheard by: Justin Laman