4PM Pick Up New Laptop

Manager: I’m going to be turning in my old laptop for a new one. I want to get another IBM, one of the ultralight ones.
Techie: We’re not leasing IBMs anymore. We’re currently leasing HPs and Dells.
Manager: I don’t like the HPs and I really want an IBM. How can I get one?
Techie: Well…you would need to provide us with a medical reason and a doctor’s note. 10 Almaden Boulevard
San Jose, California Overheard by: Stealth Nerf

3PM Coffee Break

Co-worker #1: Hey, what did you last night?
Co-worker #2: I wanted to watch Joey last night but the President was on. Every time I turn on the TV anymore, it’s hurricane this and hurricane that. Makes me wish the hurricane never happened!
Co-worker #1: …I think Joey was on later in the night.
Co-worker #2: Damn it! 500 Eldorado Boulevard
Broomfield, Colorado

11AM Meet the New Girl

Co-worker #1: Well, well, that’s an interesting name! What backround is that?
Co-worker #2: It’s Turkish.
Co-worker #1: Really! That’s so interesting, because I just spent the last twenty years in Germany and there are apparently a lot of Turks there. I don’t think I’ve ever actually met one, but there are supposed to be a lot of them there. 165 Markham Street
Toronto, Ontario