And Be Miserable?

President: Thank you for coming to our annual Christmas party. Where do you work?
New guy’s new girl: I’m in private wealth management.
President: You seem very nice. Can I give you one piece of advice?
New guy’s new girl: Sure.
President: Don’t wait too long to get married and have kids.

1 Cranberry Hill
Lexington, Massachusetts

Or We Could Stop by Rite Aid for Some Gold Bond

Office lady #1, watching car accident outside: The car's on its side.
Office lady #2: Has the fire truck come yet? I can't see.
Office lady #3: Where are the hottie firemen?
Office lady #1: Firemen are always so cute.
Office lady #3: Who's gonna put out the fire in my pants?
Office lady #4: Call 911.

Burbank, California

Then I Huff Glue in the Supply Closet and Cheer Right Up

Agent #1: I am really upset today about something I saw on the History Channel…
Agent #2: Was it about Nazis?
Agent #1: No, it was about the universe. There are theories out there that say the universe will end in about five billion years.
Agent #2: And that upsets you? Why?
Agent #1: Well, if it is all just going to up and end one day, then what’s the point of me doing all this paperwork bullshit?
Agent #2: Oh, I know, it really gets to me too, sometimes.

Washington, DC