But That Doughnut Looked So Good!

Nurse walks out to designated smoking area as her pager goes off.

Nurse, shaking her head in disgust: ‘Emergency!’ Of course. Why these people gotta be goin’ into diabetic shock when I wanna go outside? [Sits down to smoke cigarette.]

1031 SW Fleming Court
Topeka, Kansas

Overheard by: Jonna

Non-Zombie Zombies Are the Worst, Man!

Coworker #1: So did you like 28 Days Later?
Coworker #2: Well, I didn't like the zombies.
Coworker #1: Why?
Coworker #2: I don't know… They weren't really zombies. Zombies don't think; they don't strategize. That's what makes them zombies!

Water Street
New York City, New York

…Come by the Office Later and I'll Give You a Check.

Female executive VP on phone son: I'm not giving you money today. I'm not giving it to you. I'm not giving it to you. I'm not giving it to you. (pause) Michael, did you hear what I just said? I'm not giving you any money today. I'm. Not. Giving. You. Any. Money. Today. (pause) I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I said I'm sorry. (pause) Yes, I'm serious. I gave you $50 yesterday and I said it had to last you until Friday. You're 21. You're 21. Get a job. (pause) I'm not giving you money today. Okay, bye. (pause) I love you too.

Montclair, New Jersey