His Business Model Is Predicated on People Being Stupid

Bimbette: Do you have any, like, advice for the test?
Tutor: Yeah — if you get a fraction, then you probably got it wrong. Fractions are really bad. Like, if you get 81/3 or some other stupid number…
Bimbette: Right. Fractions are bad. Got it.
Girl passerby: You know that simplifies, right?
Tutor: You are such a nerd.

Middle school
Carmel Valley, California

A Clear Violation of Alaska Law

Coworker #1: Tuesday through Friday, and then Monday and Tuesday The Simpsons Movie is playing at the [nearby theater].
Coworker #2: Didn’t you see it already and say that it sucked?
Coworker #1: Yes, but I was sober.

Anchorage, Alaska