Boss: Did I forget to tell you that we will be open this Monday? I decided not to close the office after all. Employee: For what? Boss: It’s Labor Day, and I was going to close the office, but decided not to. Employee: It’s not Labor Day! Memorial Day is this month, but not until the end of the month. Boss: It says right here on my calendar it’s Labor Day. I thought it was weird that Labor and Memorial Day were in the same month. Employee: Let me see that calendar. . . Oh, for God’s sakes, do you see that M by the date? Boss: Ummm, yeah. Employee: That means Labor Day for Mexico! Boss: No kidding! Wow, I feel really stupid! Employee: Yeah, you should! Happy Labor Day, Senorita! 4302 West Crystal Lake Road
McHenry, Illinois Overheard by: Gramma