Worker #1: There he goes, tossing his salad again. Isn’t that a phrase? Doesn’t that mean something? “Tossing the salad”?
Temp: Yes, it’s a phrase.
Worker #1: But what does it mean? Is it like, “I’m gonna kick your ass”? “I’m gonna toss your salad”?
Temp: Um, not exactly.
Worker #2: Yeah, I’ve heard that, too. What does that mean? Do you know?
Temp: Yes, I know, but it’s kind of inappropriate for work.
Worker #1: Oh really? What does it mean?
Temp: It’s inappropriate for work.
Worker #1: Oh come on, just tell me.
Temp: Well, it’s…analingus.
Worker #1: Oh. Really?
Worker #2: I never heard that.
Worker #1: “I’m gonna toss your salad”. Huh.
Worker #3: …If anyone was made uncomfortable by this conversation, come talk to me later. 900 3rd Avenue
New York, NY