I Don’t Want Too Much Blood Reaching My Brain

Bimbette #1: Oh my gosh, this choker is, like, choking me! Can you loosen it, please?
Bimbette #2: Yeah. Do you want it, like, way looser?
Bimbette #1: Yeah… Oh my gosh, it’s so tight it’s cutting into my– Well, I know girls don’t have Adam’s apples, but it’s cutting in right there!
Bimbette #2: Is that better?
Bimbette #1: No. It’s too loose. It needs to be tighter.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Is “Trashy Girl” Redundant in Queens? Discuss.

Trashy girl: What time do you close? 10?
Laundromat owner: 9:30.
Trashy girl: Well… Could you like, stay open until 10? So I could get my clothes?
Laundromat owner: (blank stare)
Trashy girl: I mean, could you just, like, not close with my clothes still in here?
Laundromat owner: Lady, as soon as that clock hits 9:30, we out of here.

Queens, New York