California Goes Big for Obama

Girl#1: Poop.
Girl#2: Poop? Poopie poop? Or shoot poop.
Girl#1: Oh dear, I was just telling him the poo story from last night. But def poopie poop. No. Not poopie poop. Shoot poop.
Girl#2: Poop porn procreation.
Girl#1: Though after further thought I would hope you poo a lot more between porn and procreating. Thats like nine months. You would die.
Girl#2: Yes. I would hope for poo too.
Girl#1: Now I want to do that blue and red and white obama pic thing to a pic of poop. And write hope underneath.

Nevada City, CA

And Fourth, If You Ever Incorrectly Cite That Movie Again, You’re Fired

Guy in jeans and flip flops walks into office at 11 a.m. and high-fives two employees on the way.

Newbie in suit: Dude, he’s totally pulling an Office Space. We better watch him — he might set the building on fire. Or start gutting fish at his desk.
Cube dweller: Okay, first of all, that was Milton who set the building on fire, not Peter Gibbons. Second, it’s Casual Friday, which is probably why he’s dressed like that. And third, he doesn’t work here.

Insurance office
Long Island, New York