Over-hurt in the Office

Receptionist: Doc, there is no code for abnormal ejaculation. I looked under Abnormal & under Ejaculation. Nuthin’.
Doctor: Gimme the book.
Receptionist: What’s his problem? Minute man?
Doctor: Check under “retrograde”.
Receptionist: What does that mean? Too fast?
Doctor: Broken. He doesn’t ejaculate at all. Can’t. 838 Pelhamdale Ave
New Rochelle, NY Overheard by: Lucky

Father of the Year

Investment Banker (on phone): What? Are you sure? I really don’t think you are in labor and I have plans…What that means is that I really want to recruit this guy and I am going to continue having drinks with him. Call me in two hours…No, I am not going to meet you at the hospital. These things take forever…I’ll be there when it’s Go time, not until then. 9 West 57th Street
New York, NY