We Prefer the Milkshake Idea.

Secretary #1, spreading butter on bread: Butter is evil! If Satan could ejaculate, it would be butter!
Secretary #2, also spreading butter: If that were the case, I might actually ask to give him a blow job!

Fairbanks, Alaska

Overheard by: Not Me!!

“Your Directory” Is Her Nickname for the Dumpster Out Back

Office manager: Could you save this file somewhere in the system, please?
Receptionist: Where?
Office manager: Well, save it somewhere so that I could find it easily.
Receptionist, when manager leaves: Sure, bitch, I will do it, but don’t ask me if you can’t find it.
Office manager, returning: Excuse me?
Receptionist: Uh… I just said that I will save it in your directory, ma’am.

1250 Broadway
New York, New York

Overheard by: jullylully